A little something about us

by Price D on August 09, 2020

Hello and welcome!

Over the last few months we've received immense support from all of our customers and are beyond grateful for what began as just an idea, has grown into something much more community driven then we would have ever imaged. We wanted to write weekly blog posts for some time now, but haven't been able to due to the overload of work required with inventory, managing orders all while responding to inquiries and updating our website as much as we can.

But finally, the time has come. And we're excited!

For a lot of our customers, we know that you don't really know whats going on beyond the scenes, which is why we thought the first blog post should be about what we really do, how we do it and why we do it.

Bulk Masters is a local run business and that was founded by my partner (Jas) and I (Price). The way we go about sourcing these items is a very common question we get asked a lot, and it is an intricate process to say the least. Over the past few months, we have made many connections with various distributors all over the world (USA, Italy, and of course Canada!) which we source all of our inventory from. We purchase many of our items in bulk so we can lower the cost of the products, bringing you guys the absolute lowest price we can find. We aim to be competitive in that department because we hate paying full price for anything, and we feel like there should be a spot that is dedicated to bringing you lowest cost, so we decided to create one.

Outside from the retail side, we've also entered the bulk side, specializing in business-to-business relationships, becoming distributors for many retailers all over the world (which if we were to be honest, we never would have thought would have been possible).

And that's it! Outside from bothered by our cats while doing work, we don't do much else outside from figuring out new and creative ways to enhance your shopping experience and most importantly, build your trust (trust is one of our core values and is something we are heavily invested in).

In the weeks to come we have many exciting additions we'll be adding to our site, as well as an area for submissions were we will be taking requests for items to help curate the correct inventory that is truly satisfying the needs of our clientele.

We want to end off this first post by thanking all of you for making this possible, as this whole experience would not have been possible without our amazing community that has consistently supported us through all the up's and down's of starting this organization. 

Until next time, 

Price D.

Bulk Masters